The Cast Of Characters In This Splendid Spectacle!

The Bride
She's found the goy of her dreams!

The Groom
He's getting too old for this — NOT!

The Best Man
The groom's brother-outlaw.

The Maid of Honor
She's gorgeous, she's a doctor — and she's available!

The Proud Papa
He gave the bride away without reservation.

The Sisters of Honor

The Doctor

The Chanteuse

The Dedicated Nurse

The Harmonic Healer

The Flower Children

Shana punim #1

Shana punim #2

The Officiating Clergy

The Reverend
Master of Vaudeville Ceremonies.
(acolytes available at a slight extra charge)

The Neoprimative Hindu
Just for luck.

The Parties Behind The Party

Our Wedding Planner

The Food Guy

Thaddeus:         Ada: